Want to know which foods can help you lose weight naturally while also boosting your energy?

Are you performing from an empty cup? 

Are you doing “all the right things” and not achieving your goals? Regardless of which diet you try, or how many days you make it to the gym, your energy is low, you suffer from fatigue and your weight doesn’t seem to change? When you look into the future you wonder how long you can sustain the activities you want to be doing without feeling exhausted or coming down with a cold?

I’ve been there! I found myself taking care of everyone else first, my family, my job, friends and leaving myself last. I was waking up and not feeling rested, tired at the end of my work day, leaving me grumpy or unable to be present for my kids. When I looked to my future I thought- this can’t be the way I feel for the next 10 years! I tried the latest advice from the health gurus on social media, my general practitioner gave generic advice of exercise more and watch what I eat… what does that even mean? I found myself feeling depressed about my options and constantly rallying to do the things that I wanted even if my motivation was low.

This was the foundation of my own health journey, and lead me to share this knowledge with you. Rather than being on the cycle of trial and error that I went through, I take you through a personalized journey of uncovering your hidden secrets to health. 

Ready to learn more about my approach and if its right for you?

“Kristina reviewed my habits and labs and has been able to identify specific (and new to me) ways to improve my health. Suggestions to improve my sleep and digestive processes are definite winners. I’m learning how my entire body reacts in positive and negative ways to my choices.”   Judi Alexander
“I started to work with Kristina on my diet and lifestyle. Since that time, I have noticed tangible results in my overall health and especially increases in my energy levels. What really impressed me about Kristina was her attention to detail. She designed a program that worked with my busy life.”  – Stacey Koschik