You’ve hit the gym. Cut back on the carbs. Tried the diets. And it’s still not working for you?

Maybe you lost a little weight… But you’re not where you want to be. You’re still tired. You’re still not comfortable in your body.

Bottom line: “I want to be the sexy vibrant woman my husband married. I want to be the fun mom… but I don’t have the energy.”

I know how it feels!

Today, I’m going to show you 3 MYTHS about Weight Loss in Your 40’s and 50’s. We won’t go over the usual stuff you’re told by diet gurus, TV show hosts, and people just out there to sell you their stuff. Instead, we’re going to go over WHY a lot of that stuff actually doesn’t work… And at the end, we will show you the steps you CAN take.

Working out

The truth is, it’s not that exercise doesn’t work. Rather, that you’re probably exercising too much. Imagine if there was a way to exercise LESS and get better results? I’ll show you how. Read on.

When you have general inflammation in your body that’s stemming from liver congestion, toxins in your environment, or even unaddressed emotional issues, it can all express itself as weight gain…

Those toxins “live” in your fat!

And exercise isn’t going to release the buildup of toxins, mineral imbalances, hormonal imbalances, or compensate for a diet that isn’t customized for you!

I can’t get into it now, but the keto diet isn’t for everyone. (There are actually genetic tests that can tell you if it’s right for you or not.)

Temporary Diets

The next thing a lot of people get duped into trying is temporary diets. They try Keto or Paleo or Jenny Craig or Medifast… And while there is SOME efficacy to SOME of those approaches, the truth is they rarely worked.

The sugar or the gluten that’s been “removed” is actually just replaced with stuff that makes you MORE SICK.

For example… In one of the soy based protein bars by one of those diet companies…

  • Polydextrose (anything ending in -rose is a sugar)
  • Oligofructose syrup (sugar)
  • Brown rice syrup (sugar)
  • Natural flavor (disguise for chemicals)
  • Rice starch (spikes your blood sugar)
  • …and more…

Out of that ONE bar, more than 50% of the ingredients are SUGAR.

And what the people pitching you these diets DON’T know is that your “metabolism”, meaning how your body actually absorbs nutrition from food, changes over time and even changes with your cycle!

More Tests from Your Doctor Will Finally Tell You What’s Wrong

There’s a GAP in care right now. And that gap is this:

You’re either “healthy”, or you go to your doctor and you need drugs and surgery.

The problem is, you can actually tell YEARS ahead of time if someone is going to have a health issue BUT…

While most doctors can recognize this, but they don’t have the tools to tell you what to do before you need help!

So you’ve probably been told at some point that, “You’re normal” or “You’re in range” or “We will continue to monitor this.”

(“So you’re literally waiting for me to need medication or surgery??”)

The values the doctor works off of when interpreting those labs are derived from a sick and unhealthy population. So why should the doctor use those values to tell you if you are healthy? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

In order to see what’s going on, you have to work with “Functional” lab values which relies on looking at the labs from the perspective of “What’s right for YOU for your age and life circumstances”.

And with a functional approach, we look at the WHOLE body instead of just the individual organs like a nephrologist or an endocrinologist. The whole body is connected!

What you can do about it

The reality is, in order to get LASTING CHANGE and be that “fun mom” and wife you want to be, you NEED to look at this as lifestyle change, not as a temporary “fix”.

And part of creating that lasting change is removing hidden toxins, getting a diet that’s customized to you, and looking at labs the RIGHT way (through a “functional” perspective).

If you’re looking for more actionable steps on what you can do, mineral balance testing is a very low cost but effective methodology that tells you how all of those connections in the body are actually working.

I put together a short video on the topic.

>>> Click here now to watch it.

Talk soon,

-Kristina Cole, FDN-P