My Story

As a kid I lived out on what is called a “farmette” in the mid-west. It was 5 acres of kid bliss, surrounded by hundreds of acres of cattle ranches. I spent as much time outside as possible “adventuring” and dreaming. It was an athletic childhood, complete with softball games and dance class. I was never challenged with weight issues. I also moved quite a bit, but my love of being active outside never left.

My family moved to San Diego my freshman year of highschool. My sister was a junior so it could have been worse, sorry Jen! It was still a bit like landing on Mars coming from the mid-west. Once again, I jumped into doing sports, which ultimately included skipping school to go surf and trying my skills at spring board diving (they weren’t very good).

This underlying activity allowed me to eat pretty much anything I wanted, and although I did lean towards healthier foods because I was raised on fresh produce and a requirement of eating something healthy along with the treats, I also had a deep love of all things bread related. Entennman’s for breakfast anyone?

In college and my early 20’s I thought my meals of pasta, sauted veggies, wine, cheese and bread was not only sophisticated but healthy.

I still exercised regularly and had a demanding job on a trading support desk in San Francisco during the dot-com gold rush. I was also in a terrible relationship. It was this chronic underlying stress that I lived and breathed daily for the majority of my 20’s that would haunt me into my 40’s.

At 30 I moved back to San Diego and reduced a lot of the stress in my life. Remarkably this is when my health took center stage. Not that I had time for the messages I was being sent by my body. This is when suddenly I was having horrible allergy attacks, with eyes streaming and nose running. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at night, regardless of how tired I was because I couldn’t breathe! I would stack up 3 pillows and put practically a jar of vicks under my nose. I’m surprised I didn’t O.D. on OTC allergy medicine.

Along with chronic, year round allergies, I was bloated and ballooning from a stress shriveled size nothing to a round size 10. People asked if I was pregnant. Ugh! I was only a 10 around the middle, and at a lofty 5’4″ its not hard to see why one might suspect something other than inflammation hitching a ride. 

My GP instructed my health challenges were a result of AGING.


It was that visit that launched a turning point in my life and my health. It was that moment when I decided to go with my intuition and listen to my body. I would go on to see a variety of practitioners and read various books and seek methods of healing. The path is a little more clear today than it was 15 years ago, but back then there was little information and today there is so much information it’s incredibly hard to navigate the conflicting guidance.

I made a lot of wrong turns until I made a right one by attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition©. It was through those courses that I was introduced to Functional Medicine, discovered and enrolled in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition© and learned the power of alternative labs available, but not on the radar of western medicine. 

I started to dig deeper into my own health and discovered hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, toxic burdens and A LOT of cellular damage. 


The use of functional lab testing provided me with a road map to follow for the first time. These labs accompanied with holistic lifestyle changes allowed me to create a custom healing path for me. 

One size does not fit all.


The same things that work for your friends and family won’t necessarily work for you. I learned things that may have once worked for me, no longer worked. It wasn’t lack of effort or desire, but I also wasn’t going to will myself into health.

It was lifestyle choices, well intentioned or misguided, that lead to the unraveling of my health. It took peeling back the layers that allowed me to heal. It was making real lifestyle changes and getting out of my head and back into my body that brought me true health.

I learned that exercise alone was not going to resolve unwanted weight gain, brain fog, or fatigue. That the latest fad diet that everyone was raving about wasn’t going to work for me, certainly not in any sustainable manner.

Our bodies change, over and over again! How we metabolize our food, what foods our body requires for proper nutrition and energy. Learning to how to listen and reconnect with our bodies is the key to long-term health.   

As an FDN Practitioner, I run a variety of easy to use at-home labs that provide insight into hidden healing opportunities for my clients that provides the map for their personalized healing journey.

I encourage my clients to listen to their internal voice, hold space for healing and realize the course will change as the layers of healing unfold.

For a long time I was caught up in the idea I needed to get back to the body I had in my 20’s. Through my own healing journey I’ve come to appreciate this more ‘lived-in’ body. She birthed 2 beautiful babies, my energy is bountiful, my hormones are balanced, my patience has grown and I have the energy to show up for my life in the way I want to be present.

With the right tools, resources, diet, exercise, stress-reducing techniques and targeted supplements you can take back control of your health.  You CAN live a healthy life – the one you’ve always dreamed of and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition© Practitioner, with a depth of knowledge in herbal medicine and environmental toxins, I support busy parents and professionals like you that are ready to take their health back by giving you access to the right lab tests and resources to find the missing pieces of your health puzzle.  Stopping the cycle of trial and error and finally get the results that have you feeling like your best self.  

Are the days in which you feel rested and energized becoming farther and farther apart? You can reclaim your health, and live the life you dream of, the one full energy, gratitude and joy. I would be honored to be your guide on this journey of healing. 

If you are ready to get your energy back, feel comfortable in your own skin and suspect that something isn’t quite right in your body, but have yet to find the right solution or practitioner to help you, I am here to help!  I’d love to chat and see how I can support you on the road back to wellness.