• Is Mineral Balance the Missing Link in Your Healing Journey?

What is HTMA?

HTMA stands for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This lab utilizes a hair sample, preferably from the base of the skull, which is sent to the lab to evaluate mineral content. This provides a window into the cell’s mineral activity (or lack thereof!)

Why use hair over blood or urine? Those lab markers are a snapshot in time, where as hair is typically a 3-4 month view of the cells mineral activity over that time period. 

Mineral testing has been around for 75 years and Human hair tissue mineral analysis became widely available in the 1970’s.

Why Minerals?

These are the spark plugs of the body- this is your energy system! Minerals are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves. Mineral availability and usability have a tremendous impact of the health of the human body, and how you FEEL.

Do you suffer from any of these?
  • Histamine allergies, hypertension, anxiety, trouble falling asleep
  • Excessive thirst, muscle aches, memory loss, depression, fatigue, joint stiffness
  • Restless leg syndrome, constipation, kidney stones
  • Osteo-arthritis, osteoporosis, PMS, cardiovascular disease
  • Noise sensitivity, hypothyroid, anxiety, adrenal insufficiency
  • Confusion, diarrhea, lethargy, low blood pressure, muscle weakness
  • Abdominal bloating, dizziness, weakness, poor protein digestion
  • Headaches, high blood pressure, irritability, nervousness, water retention
  • Irregular heartbeats, skin problems, high blood sugar, muscle spasms
These are all symptoms of having your 4 primary minerals out of balance – calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. Getting these 4 minerals in balance can have a dramatic improvement on how you feel. Enter “HTMA” to receive a discount.

Are YOU ready to see your mineral levels and uncover what has been holding you back from feeling your best?

Sample of HTMA results

Here are some examples of minerals needed for proper function:

Copper is involved in the electron-transport chain, low copper can cause fatigue.

Zinc and Sodium are involved in the production of stomach acid, chronically low stomach acid, aka hypochlorhydria, is often a result of a deficiency of these 2 minerals.

Calcium is needed for healthy bone density. It’s important to know if you have bio-availability of calcium (that means the calcium is in the right place)