• Are you experiencing ongoing symptoms with no relief?

Do any of these symptoms describe YOU?


  • Exhaustion/fatigue
  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness OR still feeling tired even after sleeping 8 or more hours
  • Feeling excessive hunger and cravings
  • Inability to lose weight, or weight gain
  • Emotional eating
  • Bloating, digestive discomfort, irregularity
  • Allergies that are constant and worsen with the seasons
  • Skin issues like acne, eczema
  • Excessive PMS symptoms and endometriosis
  • Prescriptions that aren’t working
  • Inability to get a clear cut diagnosis
  • ‘Knowing there’s something more’ than what your physician is treating
  • Clean eating seems to help but it isn’t sustainable
  • Eliminating gluten has been suggested but it’s too hard
  • Lack of energy, patience, motivation
  • You’re doing less of the things you used to enjoy
  • Your relationship is suffering because you feel sick all the time
  • Your at a point where your are DONE feeling the way you feel

There are solutions. 

Have you heard that before and been disappointed? 

Me too. 

That’s why I became a Functional Medicine practitioner.

I loved my MD but she couldn’t and didn’t help.   She tried, she just didn’t seem to understand and honestly I didn’t really know how or what to do to help her understand.  To be honest, I didn’t know how to explain this feeling of something just not being “right” with my body. I really wasn’t far enough down the path of ‘un-wellness’ to fit into any particular diagnosis that would be treatable, basically through a pharmaceutical intervention.

The thing is, I didn’t want to get to the point that I needed Big Pharma to alleviate my symptoms. I didn’t want to be on a medication for the rest of my life. I also was tired of my racoon interpretation every morning. I’m not talking about the dark circles, those were just beginning to show, I’m talking about sneezing 152- thousand times 5 seconds after putting on my mascara. It was never before eye make-up! I had allergy medicine that didn’t really work and left me feeling foggy and tired. I felt like I was struggling to explain and even when I did I wasn’t really heard.  

I had gotten accustomed to living with my symptoms but I also felt like I couldn’t keep going this way. 

I tried all my old tricks, but nothing was working.

It didn’t matter how often I went to the gym or went on a walk. What I was eating didn’t seem to matter and I felt extremely discouraged and had a hard time keeping to restrictive diets, especially when I didn’t see any changes.

I heard things like cutting out gluten or going vegan and it just seemed totally unrealistic for me.  One day I was in my office sneezing, nose running, Kleenex everywhere, horrible PMS symptoms, and no energy.  I looked and felt awful, it was effecting my work and my relationships.  Everyday I would just try to get through the day and go home. 

I was slowly disconnecting from people and things I loved without realizing it and finding myself resentful, anxious, and lost.  I was overwhelmed, which turned out to be a good thing, because it was a turning point for me.  Up to this point I had just sort of accepted that this was my life sentence.  But it got bad enough that I felt like I had to do something different and my intuition told me  there had to be answers.  

Well there are answers, it took me years of trial and error, research and personal attempts until finally I found Integrative Medicine. 

There are real solutions.   Solutions without dangerous prescriptions with excessive side-effects, solutions that didn’t leave me feeling lost, alone and asking random people in facebook groups for advice and being met with a bunch of product reps pushing their ‘supplement’.  Real assessments, from real lab work ups, with a real step-by-step process and a real practitioner that I can ask questions as they come up.  These are the things I needed and couldn’t seem to get from my doctor. 

Don’t get me wrong,  I DO NOT disparage western medicine,  it has a vital role and saves lives every day.  Trust me, if you’re in a car accident or under cardiac arrest -I’m not going to chase down your ambulance and tell you  sign up for functional health instead of going to the ER!  I really do have a deep respect and appreciation for all the doctors and nurses that work so hard to help people.  I also know from conversations with many, they just don’t have the tools to deal with stress related illness. There’s a whole set us with very real symptoms, who don’t seem to be getting the answers we so direly need from traditional western medicine, or even holistic or naturopathic physicians for that matter.

In my experience an MD, even a holistic MD would spend maybe 15-20 minutes with me. 

Then hit me with what they thought and suggested, which often included medical jargon.  Some of the good ones sent me with print outs.  I did my best to cling to every word and read all the print outs in detail.  Inevitably as all the information settled down, I realized I still had more questions than answers, which led to feeling more lost, more alone, and like maybe there’s no help for my problems. 

Not once in all those attempts did I feel like I had a clear path toward wellness.   Never have I gotten a solid diagnosis,  a clear treatment plan, or any ongoing support when roadblocks and challenges arose, so I would just abandon the process until I started feeling horrible, then I’d start again.  I’d pick up a book someone recommended or try to self diagnose.  I’d end up with conflicting suggestions and more questions, and nowhere to turn.

If you identify with ANY of this, it’s time to “UN-MUDDY” the waters. 

There’s probably not a quick fix but there are answers, and I can help.  This is where “Functional Health Practitioners” fill the gap. This is the cutting edge, newest information, with evidence based solutions. Functional health uses in-depth analysis of a multitude of factors that most other health practices don’t even consider.  You will receive a custom assessment, no more shooting into the dark.    The solutions are personalized, customized, and non-pharmaceutical.  This is real help. For real people.  I spent 10+ years on my own health journey and I knew there were more people like me that needed answers. It was this passion to share and continously educate myself in the art of Functional, Diagnostic health.