Create Confidence and Connection with your Brain & Body!

Do you feel like making better choices is too hard and the idea of it is exhausting?

The truth is feeling better and more confident in your body is an evolution and there is a path for you.

A path designed for you that meets your lifestyle and goals.

Hi, I'm Kristina!

I am a mom of 2 and have struggled with juggling a busy life, going through all the hormonal changes and finding time to take care of me as more than an after thought.

I'm here to help you feel confident and happy in your body!


Fatigue Free 50's

Why having a coach makes a difference:

3 simple steps to help you feel confident, energized and happy in your body:

Step 1

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Program to get started

Step 2

You will receive an email to access your portal for questionnaires and lab markers request details

Step 3

Feel confident and ready for your healthy lifestyle makeover!

Ready to start your lifestyle swaps?

Detoxing your kitchen is a great place to start!

We come into contact with more toxins in our kitchen than almost anywhere else in the house...

Detoxing your kitchen is the easiest and most impactful lifestyle swap!

My FrEE GUIDE Helps you: