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hi, I'm Kristina!

Certified Gut Thrive In 5 Practitioner & FDN-P

Gut & Immune Healing Program to Rejuvenate Your Microbiome


I am one of only 100 certified Gut Thrive in 5 practitioners in the world. 

I am certified to work one-on-one with you to help you reprogram your microbiome’s genetic code and re-train your immune system to help eliminate symptoms that may have plagued you for years. 

This work has been tried and tested with over 7000 people from around the world with astounding results. 

After having my kids I wasn’t satisfied with how I looked or felt and I really didn’t want a drug or strict diet or exercise routine to “fix” me.

Although I had an established corporate career I found myself exploring integrative medicine and health coaching. Ultimately I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), and numerous courses through the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

I found a passion in learning the intricacies of how our bodies work from a functional medicine perspective, the power of herbal medicines and the importance of functional movement. I became a certified Pilates Instructor and continue learning and using herbs to aid balance in the body and to elevate moods and mindfulness.

It was through FDN, and being a local to San Diego that I learned about Christa Orrecchio and The Whole Journey. It was combing the invaluable knowledge of labs, and The Whole Journey that I found a beautiful blend to help heal your GI tract, address Adrenal and Thyroid dysfunction and use food as much as possible to regenerate the vital reserve necessary to live an optimal life.

As a Gut Thrive Practitioner, I am also an expert in nutritionally and clinically supporting the reduction of inflammation, chronic autoimmune or digestive issues, eczema, leaky gut, IBS, and heavy metal toxicity.

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