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FDNP, Brain & Body Balance Trainer & Certified GT5 Practitioner

Gut & Hormone Healing Program to Rejuvenate Your Energy

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner & mentor for blossoming FDNPs. I am one of only 100 certified Gut Thrive in 5 practitioners in the world. Being passionate about our Brain Body connection and how this can surface internally, I am also a certified Pilates instructor and Trainer through NeurOptimal ® Dynamical Nuerofeedback ®- a non invasive form of brain training.

I am passionate about helping people over come fatigue and the varied symptoms that contribute to feeling burnt out and exhausted. I am certified to work one-on-one with you to help you reprogram your microbiome’s genetic code and re-train your immune system to help eliminate symptoms that may have plagued you for years. 

This work has been tried and tested with thousands of people from around the world with astounding results. 

After having my kids I wasn’t satisfied with how I looked or felt and I really didn’t want a drug or strict diet or exercise routine to “fix” me.

I spent many years working in the corporate world and climbing the proverbial ladder, and even though I felt like I was living a healthy lifestyle I was plagued with bloating, and fatigue. To the outside world I seemed to have things together, but I was frustrated and tired at home.

After a lot of trial and error, I came across FDN and decided I was ready to learn more about functional labs and how to put lifestyle, symptoms and functional labs together to look at the bigger picture and find the healing opportunities that were being missed through conventional methods.

It was through FDN, and being a local to San Diego that I learned about Christa Orrecchio and The Whole Journey. It was combining the invaluable knowledge of labs, and nurtition through The Whole Journey that I found a beautiful blend to help heal your GI tract, address Adrenal and Thyroid dysfunction and use food as much as possible to regenerate the vital reserve necessary to live an optimal life.

It is the cross section between hormone imbalances and GI challenges that create a perfect storm to create chronic fatigue. There are many underlying healing opportunities that can move you from “getting by” to feeling energized and thriving.

I have added in the amazing benefits of brain training through NeurOptimal ® that aids in stress reduction, improved sleep and cognition. Ask about this feature during our call or send me an inquiry.

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