Booze-Free Sips

If you like to have a drink to wind down, or get the party started, opting not to drink is often harder than it sounds. Personally, I’m a GenXer and alcohol was prolific and very much a part of the culture growing up and into adulthood. Sneaking booze at house parties and field parties, which meant any semi secretive space kids could find and hang out, was a staple.


I’ve always admired the European culture for making alcohol less of a big deal, its not uncommon to have a bit of wine at dinner as a teenager, while American culture treated alcohol as an illicit activity anxiously awaiting the golden age of 21 to be legally allowed this spirited beverage.


It’s been refreshing to see a surge in mocktails that don’t consist of fruit juice added to soda pop or tonic water. There isn’t a lot of appeal to trade in a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for a Shirley Temple. As an herbalist I’ve played around with a variety of teas and herbs with simple syrup and club soda. These can be delicious and a fun experiment, but I don’t always have the time to dive into creating a refreshing drink so this summer I’ve been trying out a variety of adaptogen beverages and have been delighted.


Here’s a list that I’ve tried or have on my list to try:


  • Curious Elixirs – These might be my favorite thus far. Robust in flavor and bubbles and look as pretty as they taste.
  • Hop Water – I haven’t personally tried, but on my list. I’ve heard they are refreshing and satisfying.
  • Moment – this is a really nice still water style tea with delicate blends of flavors.
  • Seedlip Drinks– another I haven’t tried, but the options look pretty amazing.


There are a lot of benefits to reducing or completely eliminating alcohol from your diet. Alcohol causes a lot of damage to the mucosal lining, contributing towards leaky gut and the myriad of ways that damage can show up in your life- think bloating, allergies, food sensitivities, hormone havoc. When you leave alcohol behind you will have clearer skin, better clarity of mind, and you’ll be surprised how much weight you could lose just by option out.


What you replace alcohol with is important. Choosing teas, filtered water, herbal blends can all contribute to a healthier you, while choosing soda, energy drinks, and most non-alcoholic beers are heavy with sugar and chemicals that cause often as much damage as the alcohol.


Have you tried making your own mocktails, or any other alcohol-free drinks that have really impressed you?